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Dr Maria Zuschmann

Dr Maria Zuschmann

“Hi I’m Dr Maria, Integrative Chiropractor, Personal Performance Coach, Podcaster, Speaker and ‘The Queen of Stress‘. I have been involved with Chiropractic, health and wellness for over 20 years. My inspiration to become a chiropractor grew from my first experience of being a patient myself when I was 14.

You see I was the kid that played lots of sports… Give me a ball and a bat and I was very happy. Except that I would sprain my ankle every couple of months that would keep me off the field.

My mum took me along to see our local Chiropractor to see how he could help. To my surprise he started checking my spine, not my ankles.

You see our nervous system controls all of the messages in our body, and the misalignments in my spine were affecting how quickly the messages were getting from my feet to my balance centre in my brain.  From the time of my first Chiropractic adjustment I  never sprained my ankles again and it was on that day that my journey into Chiropractic began.

I completed my Masters in Chiropractic from Macquarie University in Sydney in 2004.

I am passionate about helping you and our community with the information and steps to become proactive with your health.  I grew up in the Sutherland Shire in Sydney, but have called the Illawarra home since 2005.  The great thing about Shellharbour is it has all the elements I believe you need for a healthy and happy life. I believe that regular chiropractic care is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle along with knowing how to eat, move and think well.  I love my hands on work in practice and I also love helping you understand more about your health and run regular workshops on a variety of wellness topics. I’m looking forward to meeting you soon. ” Dr Maria


An initial consultation can help find the underlying cause of your back, neck pain or nagging headaches. So whether you want to stop the pain, or take your health to the next level, find out how you can go from being sore every day to getting more out of life.


Inner Edge Wellness offers regular wellness events to help you in your journey towards your health goals. Our Wellness Team is committed to offering you the best information and support to help you in getting the most out of life.


Get started on your wellness journey, book an initial consultation with Dr Maria by calling the practice on: 4285 6589, emailing us at: [email protected], or completing the enquiry form on the contact page.


We’re really looking forward to meeting you in person.