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An initial consultation can help find the underlying cause of your back, neck pain or nagging headaches. So whether you want to stop the pain, or take your health to the next level, find out how you can go from being sore every day to getting more out of life.


Inner Edge Wellness offers regular wellness events to help you in your journey towards your health goals. Our Wellness Team is committed to offering you the best information and support to help you in getting the most out of life.


Get started on your wellness journey, book an initial consultation with Dr Maria by calling the practice on: 4295 6589, emailing us at: info@inneredgewellness.com.au, or completing the enquiry form on the contact page.

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Ready to become the Queen of Your Stress?

Take back control and check out the weekly ‘be the Queen of Your Stress’ podcasts from Dr M.

The podcast is available on iTunes (or your favourite Android version!) and through the Wellness Couch – (Australia’s number 1 health and wellness podcast channel).

And… if it’s time to get really serious on taking control of your stress and overwhelm make sure you also take a look at the ‘Queen of Stress’ online program including weekly webinar, action items and an accountability group to keep you on track.